Big Mess? Bird’s Nest: How to Control Your Bird’s Mess

Bird’s Nest: How to Control Your Bird’s Mess

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By Wyld’s Wingdom

Regardless of what type of winged friend you keep, there’s no doubt about it, birds are messy roommates. From feathers and droppings to seed hulls and used toys, having a bird as a companion can mean that frequent cleanings are necessary. Here are a few handy tips to help you corral the mess your feathered friend leaves behind so you can enjoy the many benefits of owning a pet bird.

Contained Cage
Fortunately there are many different types of cages on the market today and most of them consider the habits of birds. When shopping for your bird’s cage, be sure to check out how easy the cage will be to clean.  For example, you should ask yourself:

-Does the cage’s bottom tray come out for easy disposal of droppings?

-Is the bottom tray entirely removeable for a good wash if necessary?

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-Does the cage come apart into individual pieces?

Product Placement
There are numerous products on the market designed to help you contain your pet bird’s mess.  Enclosed bird feeding stations like Caitec’s Parrot Café Seed Corral and the Tidy Seed No Mess Bird Feeder help prevent excess food debris caused when your bird eats.  These products not only help control the mess, they are easy to clean and they help save money on bird seed.  Also seed guards, a light mesh that can be wrapped around the bottom portion of your cage, helps contain debris fallout. These are just a couple of examples of handy items designed to alleviate the stress and headache of constant bird cage clean-up.


When it comes to the type of food your bird eats, this can be a game changer for your clean up routine. There are a variety of options that enable your bird a balanced diet with less mess. If every once in a while you feed your bird a special snack, like a banana or blueberries, be sure to hang around until treat time is over to do immediate damage control instead of waiting to scrub off caked on food from your bird cage bars.

Since the health and well-being of your bird depends on you keeping a happy and clean environment, it’s important to do research on your products before you buy. The more time you spend finding a well-designed and thoughtful cage, the easier it will be to maintain a proper, hassle-free environment for your bird!



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