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Pet Bird Products

Wyld’s Wingdom is the premier source of bird supplies for pet retailers.  Wyld’s provides one stop shopping for outfitting your entire pet bird department.
SBC SB683 - Lunch Pail

Pet Bird Toys

We stock a huge selection of bird toys of all types, for birds large and small.  We know that bird owners love to find new and exciting toys for their birds, as well as replacing old favorites.  Our selection of high-quality, colorful bird toys will add excitement to your bird department.

PRV 0610 - Flight CageBird Cages

Cages are the foundation of any retail bird department, and Wyld’s carries a selection of quality cages for large and small birds.

Bird Accessories – Swings, Snugglies, Dishes

We also offer a wide variety of accessories to keep birds healthy and happy, such as swings, snugglies, and dishes.

Bird Perches and Stands

Wyld’s also carries the latest in play gyms, perches in various sizes and materials and stands to complete the pet bird’s home environment.

Harrison's High Potency CoarseBird Food, Treats, Vitamins, Supplements

At Wyld’s we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest in avian health and nutrition.  We stock a large variety of bird foods, treats, vitamins and supplements specially formulated for the nutritional needs of exotic/pet birds.

Bird Training Aids, Video and Audio Tapes

Additionally, Wyld’s stocks educational materials for bird owners, such as books, video and audio tapes, and training aids.  These items are extremely popular with bird owners and fanciers who want to provide the best care for their pet birds.

We are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance on stocking your bird department.  To view the complete selection of products, please visit our online catalog.