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Bird Accessories

Pet Bird Accessories

Hard-Sided Snugglie TentBird accessories add interest to a pet bird’s world, and are important additions to the avian environment. Our selection of accessories includes perches, swings, ladders, snugglies and snoozies to enhance bird cages. Birds enjoy climbing equipment such as ladders and perches, and swings add fun and excitement to any cage. Snugglies and snoozies provide warmth and a quiet spot for birds to rest.

Bird Bottle Wide Mouth - 10 ozCups, crocks and bottles and treat and millet holders offer handy solutions to avian feeding needs. Accessories like stainless steel bowls, various sizes of cup feeders, and plastic crocks with wire holders make feeding convenient and are easily cleaned and sanitized.

Sheer GuardAnd of course, mess control accessories such as seed guards and cage liners make bird care and cage maintenance easier for bird owners.