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Bird Perches and Stands

Pet Bird Stands & Perches

Double Cube Hanging PlaygymBird perches, stands and play gyms are important components of the pet bird environment.  Birds are active and inquisitive, and they benefit from exposure to a variety of perch types and materials.  Wyld’s offers a full selection of perches in wood, acrylic, latex, rope and leather for all sizes of birds.  Our perches satisfy birds’ need to climb, stimulate and soothe birds’ feet, and help keep beaks and nails trimmed and healthy.  Perches for use in the cage offer a variety of shapes and sizes that can bring excitement to the bird’s home environment.

Safety Pumice Grooming PerchMany birds enjoy showering, and our selection of shower perches makes it easy to temporarily attach a water-safe perch to the shower wall or to a window with suction cups.  Grooming perches available in a variety of materials and sizes keep birds’ beaks and nails trimmed and healthy, while protecting delicate feet.

Sand Blasted Grapevine Cagetop PerchCage-top perches expand the bird’s environment, allowing more freedom to eat, groom and play outside of the confines of the cage.  Many of our cage top perches incorporate feeding dishes, toys and varied climbing surfaces for added interest.  Wyld’s selection of bird cage stands also provides stimulation and play opportunities for pet birds of all sizes.   From simple table-top feeding stands to elaborate play gyms, we carry stands for all purposes, including portable stands and training stands.  Stands allow birds to experience a variety of locations outside of their bird cage, interact with their human companions or play with each other in a stimulating setting.