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Books, Training Aids, Video and Audio Tapes

Pet Bird Books, Training Aids, Videos

Speech Training CD - Volume 4Educated bird owners raise happy, healthy birds.  Bird lovers want the best for their pets and know that there is always something new to learn about pet bird care, health and training.  Wyld’s stocks a selection of educational tools for bird owners, from basic  avian care to advanced  bird training methods.

Guide to a Well Behaved ParrotEvery bird owner should have at least one book that gives them all of the basic information on their particular breed of bird.  Birds are complex creatures, and understanding behaviors is also important for bird owners.  For those who want to take their love of birds further, books that cover breeding, sprouting and even bird treat cookbooks are available.

Basketball Set & Clicker GuideMany bird owners want to train their birds both for basic handling and more advanced tricks.  Wyld’s stocks pet bird books and DVD’s – from bird clicker training to training your bird to talk.  We also carry avian harnesses to aid in training and outdoor flight for pet birds.