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Cages & Carriers

Pet Bird Cages & Carriers

Jumbo Scrollwork CageBird cages and carriers provide the foundation for a safe, happy and healthy bird.  Wyld’s offers a wide variety of small bird cages, medium bird cages, large bird cages, aviaries and breeding cages, along with a huge selection of bird cage stands, accessories and toys for birds.

Flight CageHaving the right sized cage is important for birds, as they will spend much of their time eating, playing and observing life from their home.  Generally, a cage with a larger area is better, as long as the bars of the cage are appropriately spaced for a small, medium or large bird.  Some smaller birds benefit from a flight cage that will allow them to really move around.  As a rule, having more space horizontally makes sense, as that allows more room for flight.  However, some larger birds will spend more time climbing as an activity, and may benefit from a taller cage especially designed for large birds.  Our selection of bird cages meets the needs of small, medium and large birds.

Wyld’s selection of pet bird supplies and bird cages includes a variety of styles including dome top, Victorian designs, and play top cages.   Bird cage stands, recreation centers and carriers that are vital for safely transporting birds round out our selection of portable bird cages and carriers.