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Food, Treats & Health Products

Pet Bird Food, Treats & Health Products

TOPs Outstanding Bird PelletsAt Wyld’s, we understand the importance of offering birds a varied diet developed specifically for particular types of birds.  We offer a full selection of formulated diets, gourmet bends, seed mixes, sprouting blends, insects, millet and hand feeding formulas.  Birds benefit from the addition of bread mixes, soak or cook blends, and specially formulated organic pet bird food mixes. From feeding finches to lories to large hookbills, our selection of bird foods represents the finest available in the marketplace today.

Roasted PistachiosHealthy bird treats are an important component of the pet bird’s diet.  Treats offer interesting new flavors, textures and colors, and can be used to supplement diet or for training.  Birds will enjoy a variety of fruit and berry based treats, vegetable treats, baked treats and seed treats.

System DetoxBirds also benefit from vitamins and supplements.  Wyld’s carries a full line of avian health products to help birds of all kinds maintain optimum health.  We carry liquid and powdered vitamins and supplements, calcium mineral blocks and cuttlebone.  Products developed for specific avian health issues are also an important part of our health offerings, such as immunity boosters, calming supplements, weight additive and anti-fungal formulas.

Offering the most progressive products available for avian health is important to us, and our selection of bird food, treats, health supplements and products are carefully selected for quality and effectiveness.