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Pet Bird Toys

Pet Bird Toys

Porcupine Rings
Birds and their owners love new toys!  Birds are naturally curious and intelligent, and enjoy playing with a variety of toys.  From Parrot toys to Budgie toys that challenge and attract birds are constantly being developed based on the needs and interests of various types of birds, and Wyld’s stays up to date with an impressive selection of proven favorites and new ideas in bird toys.

Pod Cup ForagerForaging toys encourage and develop birds’ natural foraging skills, while foot toys work on coordination, play skills and happy chewing.  Birds enjoy hanging and bolt-on toys in their cages, which come in a wide variety of colors, textures and shapes to stimulate and entertain birds of all sizes.  Our selection of play, teach and learn toys allow birds to work for rewards and solve puzzles, while allowing bird owners the fun of watching and interacting with their birds.

Seagrass BlastSimple FunWyld’s offers a large selection of the finest pet bird toys available today.