Variety is the Spice of Your Bird’s Life!

You may have heard the phrase that variety is the spice of life but did you know that this applies to birds too! When it comes to toys and treats, offering a variety of items is the best way to hold your bird’s attention and keep their interest:

Changing Out Toys
Toys contribute to the overall mental and physical health of your bird. As key tools for life enrichment, toys counter boredom and offer stimulation that not only manifests mentally but also gets your bird physically engaged and thus into exercising. This is particularly important if your bird is in their cage all day long.

As naturally active creatures, who in the wild would be constantly flying and moving, birds require play-like activities. A variety of changing toys can help stoke their natural tendencies and drive their instincts to involve themselves.

Toys that can be chewed, gnawed, tossed around, and scratched at are excellent methods for promoting curiosity and movement. Play gyms and a variety of toys in different shapes, colors, and textures are key in capturing and sustaining your bird’s interest.

Since in nature, your bird would be constantly on the go and exploring new environments, it is important to replicate this scenario at home. That is why changing out toys for new ones and introducing new, playful elements is the way to keep your bird not only curious but happy!

Changing Out Treats
Similar to a rotating cast of toys that pique your bird’s unique interests, diet is another critical area that requires change. Think if you were stuck eating the same thing day in and day out, it would probably be pretty boring and you’d tire of your meals quickly.

Birds love interesting textures, flavors, and colors and enjoy a variety of fruit and berry-based treats, vegetable treats, baked treats, and even seed treats.

Incorporating exciting and bird-safe treats is a great way to foster health while providing a new activity for your beloved bird.

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