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Helping Customers Choose Toys for Their Bird

Helping Customers Choose Toys for Their Bird

Just like every child needs toys, so do birds!  It’s important to let your customers know that toys aren’t just a fun extra for their bird, but are an essential part of creating a healthy environment for their bird.  Toys are especially vital for birds whose owners who spend time away from home working or with busy schedules.  Toys provide relief from boredom, important exercise and the stimulation needed to prevent certain behavioral and health problems.

Choosing a Bird ToyBird owners should consider what various toys have to offer, and make a variety of toys available to their bird.  Toys can offer sounds and colors, as well as textures that stimulate the mouth and feet.  Think of the difference between smooth, brightly colored plastic and a tough rope or wood blocks on a jingly metal chain.  A mirror with a bell attached can provide a bird with a “companion” to chatter to, as well as the stimulation of a ringing bell.  Various sized toys are appropriate for different types of birds, designed to withstand chewing and manipulation of larger or smaller birds.  Birds love to chew and pull things apart, so toys should be checked frequently for signs of wear or for missing pieces.  Toys also offer different degrees of puzzles or challenges.  Birds are intelligent and curious creatures and love mastering a variety of skills when playing with their toys.  Treat toys allow birds to work for their food, much as they would in the wild.

Once a bird owner has tried a number of different types of toys, they will start to get a feel for what their individual bird really enjoys.  Ask customers for feedback on various toys and find out what their bird likes and doesn’t like about specific toys, so you can offer anecdotal advice to other customers as well.

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