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The Benefits of a Clean Environment for Birds

The Benefits of a Clean Environment for Birds

Benefits of a Clean EnvironmentBirds stay healthy through a combination of a balanced diet, a happy psychological state and a clean environment.  Keeping a sanitary cage minimizes the bird’s exposure to potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and other potentially harmful organisms.  Routine cleaning of the bird’s cage should include washing water bottles/bowls and food bowls daily, especially those used for fresh foods.  Uneaten fresh foods should be removed from the cage before they start to deteriorate.  An extra water bottle and dishes can be kept so that the dirty one can be removed and replaced while it is being cleaned.   The cage bars and perches can be spot cleaned to remove droppings and food on a daily basis as well, with just a quick wipe with a rag and warm water. The cage and accessories, including bottom tray, perches and toys should be cleaned weekly.  Brushes specially designed for cleaning cages and water bottles can come in handy for removing stubborn residue.  Cleaning should be done by washing with a mild detergent and warm water, and then using a safe disinfectant recommended for bird cages and accessories.  All disinfectant should be rinsed off so that no residue is left.  This is also a good time to rotate the bird’s toys to avoid boredom and check toys to make sure they are still safe.

Lining the cage bottom with paper that can easily be changed on a daily basis keeps the bird’s exposure to potentially harmful organisms, droppings and spoiled food to a minimum.   Bird owners should also be careful to limit exposure to other birds that may have compromised health.

Helping bird owners understand that keeping a clean environment for their bird is the first step to preventative health is one of the best ways to educate your customers.  Providing a healthy, balanced diet and the right amount of stimulation and socialization for the bird adds to its overall health and well-being.

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