4th of July Safety Tips for our Feathered Friends

Pet Bird Safety Tips During the 4th of July

4th of July Safety Tips for our Feathered Friends

The American Pet Products Association’s 2013-14 National Pet Owners Survey indicates an all-time high of 53.4 million multiple pet owning households.  When talking about pet safety all household pets, not just furry friends can be at risk and must be remembered especially during 4th of July celebrations.

Our feathered friends also have challenges during the 4th of July celebrations.   Just like dogs and cats, pet birds react to the loud noises and bright lights.  Here are a few suggestions to help prevent panic and help keep pet birds calm during the festivities:

  • Keep pet birds indoors during the fireworks.
  • Keep tempting colorful glow sticks away from birds. They are toxic to most pets.
  • Cover the cage only if the bird is familiar with a cage cover. This will help mute the noise and bright flashes of light.
  • Keep birds away from any fumes caused by fireworks and/or sparklers.
  • Turn on the radio or TV to help drown out the loud sounds of fireworks.
  • Provide a distraction like a favorite bird toy(s) or cozy bird tent.

Celebrating  the 4th of July is a great American tradition for us humans.  Most pets however will prefer the quite calm safety of home as much as we enjoy the loud bangs and bursts of lights while observing Independence Day!

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