Birds are Family Too – Tips on How to Travel with a Pet Bird – Part 1

Birds are Family Too – Tips on How to Travel with a Pet Bird – Part 1

By Wyld’s Wingdom

Pet-friendly travel is a growing segment of the travel industry, but most people simply think of travelers bringing a dog or cat along when they hit the road. According to a 2012 report by the American Veterinary Medicine Association, there are over 8 million pet birds in the U.S. Many bird owners consider their feathered friends part of the family and would like to bring them along when they travel. Of course, there are also times like a family relocation when it’s necessary to travel with a pet bird as you move to a new home.

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Travel with a pet bird can be done, but it’s essential to plan ahead and take a number of factors into consideration. Bird owners will need to get their bird ready for travel, make sure they have the proper equipment and supplies on hand for the trip, plan for climate and other environmental conditions, research any legal requirements for transporting their bird into other states or countries, check airline regulations if flying and make arrangements for bird-friendly accommodations on the road.

Bird Supplies and Equipment You Will Need
Whether driving or flying, there are some basic items you’ll need:

  • A safe travel carrier is essential for your bird.  The carrier should be large enough for your bird to turn around, and should always have a properly sized, sturdy perch mounted low.
  • A dripless water bottle and appealing treats for the carrier
  • A perch or stand to attach to the carrier is great for use in the hotel room.
  • A variety of pet bird toys  that are familiar to the bird and can be used at the destination.
  • When actually traveling, the toy must be one that does not swing about
  • with the motion of the vehicle so that the bird is not injured during
  • transit.
  • Food, water and snacks for your bird – If you are packing fresh fruits and veggies, make sure you have a way to keep them from spoiling, such as a small insulated bag or cooler with cold packs.
  • Harness
  • Cage cover or towel
  • Cleaning products such as spot removers, wipes and paper towels (remember the 3 oz. rule for liquids when flying)
  • First aid kit containing styptic powder in case of broken feathers, beak or nails
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