Gifts for Bird People

Gifts for Bird People

During the holiday season, folks are always looking for just the right gift the the parrot lover. Here are a few suggestions:

Scarlet Macaw OrnamentWrist WatchSpectacular Hand Painted Bird Ornaments can be used year after year.  True gems for the tree and home.

Limited Edition Bird Watches are water resistant with Real Leather bands, Japanese quartz movements, and 2 year batteries. Multiple bird styles are available.

Bird Behavior and Training DVDs and CD’s.   Always a welcome resource for the parrot/bird owner which will improve their relationship with their pet bird.

Amazon Parrots: A Complete Pet Owner's ManualCockatoos: A Complete Pet Owner's ManualBooks for Bird Lovers including training and species specific titles including our two newest books on Amazon Parrots and Cockatoos.

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