Got Birds, Get Results – Ready for Action

Got Birds, Get Results – Ready for Action

In March at Global this year we launched our Got Bird, Get Results campaign.  Although it was newly hatched, the conversations it started at our booth were enlightening.   We found that we were sharing ideas learned from one attendee with others and so on down the line.  It was refreshing and stimulating.

We are ready to move forward with Got Bird, Get Results.  You see, just a bunch of bird stuff on your wall and on your shelves will not generally create the buzz needed for your customers to turn to your store for solutions to their birds’ needs.  It is about the whole experience of dealing with your store.

  • Windows of OpportunityWe are calling this experience you create and maintain in your store  Windows of Opportunity.    From accessible product information,  problem solving and  prevention of bird-related issues, upbeat informed staff,  store appearance,  social connections,  customer networking and forums,  the opportunity to be the source of choice for bird owners in your community is huge.

Independent We StandSpeaking of your community, please check out which is a nation-wide effort to support indie business across the country.  Register your store on-line through that site.   Tell your friends and neighbors about this resource.  Through each of our efforts to support local, worthy businesses, our communities are stronger economically and socially.

Got Bird, Get Results — Aligning  your bird department for success.   We welcome your feedback as we move forward and anticipate your participation.

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