How To Delight Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back For More

How To Delight Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back For More

By Wyld’s Wingdom

In this day and age, customers can be fickle. With the plethora of options available on the market, if you don’t deliver, your customers can and will walk away to find a company that does. That being said, conversely, if you delight and awe your customers and win their loyalty, you can keep them coming back for more. With these tips, here’s how you can do the latter instead of the former:

  • Show Them Love
    Following up or corresponding with your customer base with something unexpected can help nurture a loyal and loving relationship that encourages your customers to continue to shop with you.
  • Goodies
    Delivering coupons, promo codes, specials, and free goodies are another way that technology can help foster that sense of delight with your customers. Strive to deliver something thoughtful and desirable.
  • Ask For Feedback
    Another great and simple way to invest in developing a real and rewarding interactive relationship with your clientele is by requesting user-feedback. From how your store hours fit your customer’s schedules to what they like and dislike about their shopping experience in your store, by allowing a platform for feedback, your customers feel that their opinion counts!
  • Personal Touch
    With expertly trained and knowledgeable staff that receive empowerment to do what needs to be done to ensure happy customers, you can rest easy relying upon your employees to help direct and engage with clients in your store. A great customer service experience can make or break any shopping experience.

When it comes to converting an individual into a loyal customer in your store, remember the inbound marketing methodology “attract, convert, close, and delight.” These four steps are the bread and butter of serving potential individuals and converting them into future repeat customers.


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