Pet Bird Care – Bathing and Preening

Pet Bird Care – Bathing and Preening

The bathing and preening process is one that is very healthy for pet birds. Most birds enjoy bathing, whether splashing in a bird bath or shallow dish of tepid water, or being lightly misted. Slightly warm water is fine for bathing birds, or there are specially formulated sprays developed to gently clean most types of pet birds. Bird owners should always read the label carefully before using any product on a pet bird.

Bathing is important for pet birds because it stimulates preening. Preening isn’t just putting feathers back in place (like combing your hair) – it’s actually much more. Most birds have a uropygial gland that secretes an oily substance that helps waterproof the bird and also contains vitamin D precursors. The substance is spread throughout the feathers when the bird preens, and actually helps nourish the bird as the precursors are converted to vitamin D3 when exposed to UV light. The bird then ingests the vitamin D3 when it preens later and this helps with calcium absorption.

Preening removes dust, dirt and parasites from the bird’s feathers, keeping the bird healthy. It also puts the feathers back in position for better insulation and smoother flight.

Pet Care – Preening: Rico Preening Before Bed Time

Birds can fluff, preen and dry off naturally in a warm spot. Bird owners may not want to bathe their birds in very cold weather, but when winter conditions in the home get dry, the humidity of a warm bathroom can help with respiration and allow the bird to bathe, preen and fluff naturally.

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