Play Gyms for Birds – More than Just Fun

Play Gyms for Birds – More than Just Fun

By Wyld’s Wingdom

Bird owners know that their pets are intelligent, curious creatures that need mental stimulation and varied activities. Being in a cage 24/7, no matter how well-equipped, does not provide enough variety and play time for a bird. Lack of stimulation can lead to undesirable behaviors such as feather plucking and screaming, as well as general unhappiness. This is why play gyms are an important bird care accessory for many bird owners.

Bird gyms provide an out-of –the-cage experience that is fun and allows the bird to feel like he’s part of the family. Working bird owners can use the play gym as a regular part of the daily routine in the morning or evening. Helping the bird adjust to spending time on the play gym allows the bird to see and be a part of what’s going on around him, but also play independently.

In order to stimulate and entertain the bird, the play gym needs to be interesting and fun. There should be a variety of toys and activities incorporated into the play gym. Also be sure the play gym is appropriately sized for the bird – look at perch sizes and general scale of the play gym components. Find a spot for the play gym that is near family activities, such as dining, doing homework or watching TV. Any bird will benefit from the addition of play gym time on a regular basis.

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