Stocking a Great Bird Department

Stocking a Great Bird Department

As pet retailers, it’s important to fully stock your bird department to cover the basic needs of a wide variety of birds. Bird owners will initially need to purchase the basics for their new addition, but will purchase food, toys and accessories throughout the lifetime of their bird. Your bird department should feature new products as they are developed and reach the marketplace, in order to meet your customers’ demands. Bird owners are always on the lookout for new and exciting toys, treats and information that will keep their birds happy and healthy.

Tiel Scrollwork CageYour bird department should offer a selection of cages and carriers in sizes for small to large birds. A bird’s “home” is one of the most important basics for bird owners, and having various styles and sizes to choose from will attract bird owners from the start. Along with cages, you’ll want to offer bird perches and stands for all sizes and types of birds. Bird owners may be looking for acrylic, wood or rope perches or cage top stands.

Vitakraft Large Parrot Honey SticksFoods, treats and avian health products are repeat purchases that are vital to a successful bird department. You’ll want to have a selection of formulated diets, gourmet blends, seed, insects, soak & serve meals and hand feeding formulas, along with vitamins and supplements. Most bird owners love finding treats for their beloved birds, so stocking the latest in avian treats will make repeat purchases easy. The same goes for toys. We know that birds need a revolving supply of toys to challenge them and keep them interested. Your bird department should offer a variety of innovative and colorful toys to meet the needs of different bird species.

Parakeets - A Complete Pet Owner's ManualBooks, training aids and DVDs/CDs are also essential to round out your bird department. It’s important to be knowledgeable about caring for birds, and to have great resources to share with new bird owners. Educated bird owners know what’s needed to keep their bird happy and healthy, and will return to your well-stocked bird department on a regular basis to provide the very best for their pet.

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