Stocking Up: The Perks of Carrying Healthy Products for Pet Birds

Stocking Up: The Perks of Carrying Healthy Products for Pet Birds

By Wyld’s Wingdom

As a pet retailer, offering a variety of healthy products for pet birds does more than keep our feathered friends in optimal condition. It can also provide an education for bird lovers and pet lovers alike on the proper care routines critical to maintaining a healthy and happy pet bird.

Requiring much different care than that of a dog or cat, the many different types of birds have their own set of nutritional requirements that can often seem confusing or overwhelming to novice owners. However, there is one new trend emerging on the market: the importance of offering a varied, rich, and interesting diet.  At Wyld’s Wingdom, we carefully select our product lines for both quality and effectiveness. Here’s a bit more information on the many different types of bird care items.  Be sure to share this information with your staff and customers:

Feed the Birds

Meeting the nutritional needs of a companion bird may take a bit of research since factors other than breed can come into play. Examples of this are age, environment, stress levels, and breeding situations. These can all lead to changes in nutritional requirements. Bird diets have also changed over the years beyond the typical seed diet into other complete food options that contribute to the right nutritional elements for pet birds. While stocking a variety of food it is also important to educate bird owners about the importance of avian health.

Treat Time

Treats are a great way to bring interesting flavors, textures, and colors to a bird’s life. From edibles to toys, many products on the market today are shifting towards more simple and safe ingredients for birds to enjoy. The boost in all-natural bird products is a result of pet owners investing more in natural products which in turn helps promote healthier and more sustainable practices in the industry.


A bird’s diet isn’t  complete without the proper supplements to ensure the correct intake of vitamins and minerals and to avoid deficiencies. Many of the most popular supplements for birds include a complete multi-vitamin to boost health and support a healthy immune system, calcium to help build strong beaks and bones, and avian probiotics to support intestinal health.

Avian health is important to pet bird owners. Offering a variety of progressive products from bird food to special treats, supplements and toys as well as educating customers about pet bird needs helps build a successful retail pet bird department.



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