Wholesale Pet Bird Supply Specialist – What Do They Bring To The Table?

Wholesale Pet Bird Supply Specialist – What Do They Bring To The Table?

By Wyld’s Wingdom

When stocking a bird department or a specialty bird shop, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the products available. There are specialty products for birds of all sizes, and supplies such as cages, food, supplements, toys, and educational materials, to name a few. Some are high-quality and made by reputable manufacturers, while others are not. It’s impossible to stock everything, yet how do you know where to begin? A great bird department or shop should have a carefully chosen selection of quality products that bird owners are looking for.

There are many sources of information in the avian world, and it’s important to find knowledgeable experts with years of experience in the industry to tap into for the best information on bird supplies, products, care and trends. Birds are amazing and complicated creatures, and in order to have a successful bird-related business, it’s important to have reputable sources to turn to. Working with wholesale pet bird supply specialists is the first step in building and maintaining an avian business that pet bird owners trust and will return to consistently.

Mary Wyld, of bird supply wholesaler Wyld’s Wingdom explains, “We are bird lovers who opened our doors in 1986 and have remained committed to providing our retailers with the best information and advice on all things bird. Over the years we have passed on our knowledge of and experience in bird care, safety and wellness, along with staying on top of industry trends and building relationships with quality manufacturers that we trust. What’s great is that we pass all of that along to our customers, who in turn pass it on to their customers – the bird owners.” Wyld points out that this is a win-win situation – everyone from the successful retailer to the customer to the birds themselves benefits from the wholesaler’s dedication.

Experienced pet bird supply wholesalers stock quality products from manufacturers

Wholesale Pet Bird Supplies

with solid reputations. There will always be fly-by-night companies trying to cash in on trends in the pet industry, but those with knowledge of bird health and potential dangers in new or cheaply made products will pass on doing business with them. The focus should be on providing quality products that enhance the lives of pet birds, because happy birds bring happy customers back to their retail source.

It’s essential to stay on top of discoveries in the world of avian health and wellness as well. From healthy diets to supplements to toys that stimulate pet birds’ minds – a quality wholesaler will know what’s new and important to pass along to bird owners. There will always be new and better formulas, creative ideas and enhanced safety features in new products, and an expert wholesaler can advise retailers on what’s important to carry now.

Wyld encourages retailers to look for wholesale pet bird supply specialists who offer great service and advice and are easy to communicate with. “We really take our retailers ‘under our wing’ and assist them in putting together a bird department that features the best selection of products. We know what’s important to bird health and what consumers are looking for,” Wyld says. “The bottom line is, if our retailers are a success, then we have succeeded too.”