The Importance of a Pet Bird’s Education

The Importance of a Pet Bird’s Education

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By Wyld’s Wingdom

Bird owners can raise happy and healthy birds by educating their pet.   Pet birds are extremely intelligent and social creatures that crave interaction and engagement. When it comes to tools for bird owners, there are many educational tools to aid in facilitating learning and training for your bird.  Most often, training falls into two separate categories: that of learning tricks, and that of learning behaviors.

Trick Training
The more optional of the two, trick training is just how it sounds, teaching different tricks and games to your bird. These tend to be more performance based tasks.

Behavior Training

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An essential component of any bird owner’s routine, behavior training is teaching the proper behavioral expectations of your bird for many different scenarios including trips to the veterinarian, travel and vacation, change of sceneries, interaction with other bird lovers and handlers, etc.

The Basics
Regardless of the type of training being done, there are several tools of the trade to ensure great results:

  • Start early whenever possible! It’s easier to teach a younger bird without pre-formed habits.
  • Positive reinforcement is a key teaching tool. Birds respond to the reinforcement of good behavior as well as can make the connection between correct behavior and reward. This is the most critical component of any training routine.
  • Smart toys are another way to help train your bird. By using motivating toys, you can engage your bird’s attention and teach them different tasks.
  • Although toys can do a lot of work, there is absolutely no stand-in for one-on-one attention from you! Birds, as social creatures, need your attention and will excel with a strict training routine managed by you!

At Wyld’s Wingdom, we carry a variety of books, training aids, videos and audiotapes to help bird owners have the most rewarding relationship possible with their birds. Don’t underestimate the power of a great education for your pet bird in contributing to a happy and healthy life.

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