Tips for Pet Retailers to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Happy Holidays!

Tips for Pet Retailers to Prepare for the Holiday Season

With the biggest season of spending on the horizon, now is the appropriate time to get a head of the game. In order to get your ducks in a row to maximize holiday business, here are several noteworthy tips to prepare your retail store for the season of merriment (and not to mention Black Friday and Cyber Monday!).

Prep Your Team
In the fast paced and comparison shopping market that is today’s economy, you need to anticipate your customer base’s needs.  Tackling this through education enables your employees to have knowledge about products and creates a better shopping experience for your clientele.  Not to mention a refresher course on return policies, price matching, and product guarantees means that each and every transaction is a confident one complete with stellar customer service.

Get Mobile
With new technology on the market, getting mobile can mean your employees are no longer stuck behind a counter tethered to a register. With Smartphone and tablet technology your staff can perform point-of-sale procedures where the customer needs them.  This includes being able to empower your employees with the ability to refer to videos, product reviews, and other items at the touch of a few buttons.  As a result it can help your team make better sales and engage your customers with a multi-sensory shopping experience.

Reward Systems
Not only can setting up the expectation for bonuses, commission, and contests help inspire your team, it can create a fun and festive environment where everyone steps up their game to meet the holiday demands. Bring up the subject now and entice your employees with the future knowledge that you appreciate their hard work and will reward their efforts.

Buy In
Now is also a great time to solicit feedback from your employees on how to merchandise the store. Since they are on the ground floor, having your staff contribute creative ideas is a great way to get everyone involved!

There’s no time like the present to start your holiday strategy in order to make the most of the coming holiday season!  Please let us know how we can help at