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Proper Toys Can Prevent Problems in Pet Birds

Proper Toys Can Prevent Problems in Pet Birds

Pet birds are amazing creatures. Though most have never lived in the wild, they never lose the instinct and adaptation that wild birds use out of necessity. That’s why Wyld’s Wingdom strongly suggests stocking a wide variety of bird toys in your store.

Pet birds do not lose their natural instinct. In the wild, birds engage in activities such as foraging for food, swinging on vines and branches, stripping trees of their bark, and playing and conversing with other birds. This natural instinct doesn’t disappear in pet birds and without the proper stimulation, it can manifest itself through feather picking, acting out, and general boredom when they are not provided with engaging toys and adequate interaction.

According to Jim McKendry of Parrot Behavior & Enrichment Consultations (,the main reasons why many pet birds (specifically parrots) seem to struggle to adapt are a “lack of flight, and lack of opportunities for stimulation and socialization with other parrots. Along with a lack of foraging opportunity, those deficiencies are often the key contributors to the development of many behavioral problems we deal with in companion parrots.”

114828 - Four Big Drawers

114828 - Four Big Drawers

While human interaction can alleviate much of the boredom, many bird owners do not have the time to interact with their birds as much as needed. But with the right toys, your bird can have hours of entertainment and stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. So provide your customers with a variety of toy options that cover a gamut of possible activities. Also express to your customers the importance of changing out their toys weekly to prevent boredom and to stimulate mental health.

Wyld’s Wingdom can provide you with a variety of bird toys for you to offer. Whether you are looking for chewing toys, foraging toy, exercise toys, comfort toys, preening toys, foot toys, or mechanical toys, we can provide you with what you need to help keep your customers’ birds energized and stimulated.

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