Bird Car Seat, Bird Stands, Bird Swing

Bird Car Seat, Bird Stands, Bird Swing

Wow, folks.  What can I say?  We already LOVE our newest bird car seat, bird stands and bird swings!  (Three more swings coming soon.)

Car Seat for BirdsThis Bird Car Seat is made from PVC  with a plastic “catch tray”,  one 16 oz bird cup for birdie snacks and a dragonwood perch for easy gripping.   One size — appropriate for medium to large parrots and cockatoos.

Table top Stand

AND, two new PVC and Dragonwood table top bird stands.  The smaller one has one  bird cup and the larger one has two bird cups.  The bases are made from a corrugated plastic material for easy cleaning.  And take a look at the bottoms of the bird stands.  Note the plastic cover over the screws to minimize scratches to your furniture.  Way to go FST!  We love how you listen.

Feeder SwingAND, the large swing with two feeder cups!  We have not seen one quite like this before.  The cups are tilted in just a bit for easy access for the bird to feed.  This is a large swing, so we are thinking macaw or large cockatoo here.

Look for these items at your local bird store.

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