Choosing a Pet Bird – Where to Begin

Choosing a Pet Bird – Where to Begin

The world of pet birds includes many different types of birds, with different characteristics and care requirements. If your customers have never owned a bird before, how do they begin to search for the perfect pet bird? Assisting your customer with the decision making process will create a happy customer instead of a returned sale. It’s important to learn about a few types of birds that are generally good for first-time bird owners while considering what they are looking for in a bird, and go from there.

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Some of the questions you might want to ask your customers are: What are you looking for in a bird? Do you want a bird that is a pleasant singer, or one that might learn to talk? How much time do you have to spend on your pet bird each day? What kind of space do you have available for your pet bird? How much can you spend on purchasing your new bird?

Bird owners sometimes just want companionship from a bird. Many birds will fit the bill in that case. Finches and canaries are cheerful and beautiful birds to watch and listen to. They are active during the day and are easy to breed if you are interested. Parakeets, budgies and cockatiels are good beginner birds that can enjoy handling and interaction, can learn to mimic sounds and whistles, and will display unique and entertaining personalities. These smaller birds don’t require large amounts of space and are not as loud as some types of parrots. Larger parrots can be a handful and require more interaction.

Finding the right bird for your customer will increase the happiness of both the owner and their bird.