Is Your Pet Bird Happy?

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Is Your Pet Bird Happy?

By Wyld’s Wingdom

Birds are unique non-domesticated animals that we oftentimes share our lives with. Their individuality and intricate nature makes them exciting and entertaining pets. Kept birds do have special needs though in order to ensure their happiness remains at optimal levels when kept in captivity. Here’s a list of essential steps to keeping a happy and healthy pet bird:

Birds are creatures that are adapted to movement and flying. Be sure to house them in the largest enclosure possible in lieu of open sky.

Similar to the above space, birds need a safe space to fly in for daily exercise. This should be out-of-cage in a designated area away from other pets or hazards for your bird. You can also provide a harness or other type of secure enclosure so your pet can enjoy the outside with you!

As highly intelligent creatures, birds need entertainment to sustain them. You should offer a variety of changing bird toys to decrease boredom and try to socialize them with other birds and humans for enrichment. You can also teach your bird skills or develop games to cultivate intelligence and learning. Talk to a professional at your local pet store for ideas or resources for bird training games.

Feed your bird a healthy and varied diet that includes seeds, grains, beans, fruit, cooked and raw veggies, and formulated pellets. Another critical part of their diet should be access to sunlight, as birds need vitamin D to promote bone health.

Birds enjoy bathing! Each week provide a small container filled with water to allow them to clean themselves or you can also lightly mist your bird with a small spray bottle full of water to promote feather and skin health. Be sure whenever your bird bathes, they are able to air-dry in a warm environment so they don’t get sick.

Flock Time
As social creatures with an inquisitive nature, birds enjoy company. By placing bird stands throughout your house, your bird can join you and observe your activities for “flock time.”

Bird ownership can be a rewarding activity by building and sharing your home environment with an intelligent pet. Making sure your bird has what it needs to thrive is essential in a happy and healthy pairing.

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