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Ceiling Savers for Exotic Birds and Bird Toy Hooks

Ceiling Savers for Exotic Birds and Bird Toy Hooks

Ceiling ProtectorCreating a parrot play space for pet birds may be as easy as installing a ceiling saver in the appropriate location. Ceiling Savers, also known as Ceiling Protectors or Ceiling Guards, are designed to deter the bird from nibbling (OK, destroying!) your ceiling. They can be used inside the home or in an enclosed outdoor room. They are a simple way to create a parrot play space outside the bird cage. Although we mainly think of large parrots and macaws as being the likely culprits, do not underestimate the power of the mighty beaks of the smaller birds. We want them to chew (i.e. – lots of bird toys) but not our homes!

The ceiling devices come in several designs. Some include a toggle bolt with the unit and others do not. Depending on the placement, a “plant hangar” or eye hook will be needed to order to hang the ceiling saver.

Once installed, you are ready to place a swing or toy on the ceiling saver for your bird’s enjoyment!

Screw Into Wood Toy Holderbolt-On Toy HolderAnother item to create play space is the Bird Toy Hook. There are two types: The Screw End Bird Toy Hook for applications on wood perches and the Bolt On Bird Toy Hook for cages.  After installation, hang a bird toy or even a fruit & veggie kabob.  Keep it interesting and fun by changing the bird toy or  bird treat often!

For resale information please contact Wyld’s Wingdom,

Bird Car Seat, Bird Stands, Bird Swing

Bird Car Seat, Bird Stands, Bird Swing

Wow, folks.  What can I say?  We already LOVE our newest bird car seat, bird stands and bird swings!  (Three more swings coming soon.)

Car Seat for BirdsThis Bird Car Seat is made from PVC  with a plastic “catch tray”,  one 16 oz bird cup for birdie snacks and a dragonwood perch for easy gripping.   One size — appropriate for medium to large parrots and cockatoos.

Table top Stand

AND, two new PVC and Dragonwood table top bird stands.  The smaller one has one  bird cup and the larger one has two bird cups.  The bases are made from a corrugated plastic material for easy cleaning.  And take a look at the bottoms of the bird stands.  Note the plastic cover over the screws to minimize scratches to your furniture.  Way to go FST!  We love how you listen.

Feeder SwingAND, the large swing with two feeder cups!  We have not seen one quite like this before.  The cups are tilted in just a bit for easy access for the bird to feed.  This is a large swing, so we are thinking macaw or large cockatoo here.

Look for these items at your local bird store.

For more information please visit (Password Required)

Oven Fresh Bites – Natural Baked Diet

Oven Fresh Bites – Natural Baked Diet

Yes, we have it!  The newest pet bird food on the market, OVEN FRESH BITES!

So what is it?  And how is it different? Oven Fresh Bites is a BAKED bird food diet, nutritionally developed using human grade ingredients.   The significant word is “baked.”   Baking the product at a lower temperature for a slower time in smaller batches allows the use of different textures and tastes to be nutritionally retained in the biscuit-like nuggets.  Oven Fresh Bites, the Natural Baked Diet, competes favorably with any pellet on the market.  (See Nutritional Ingredient Info.)

Do the birds take to it? Oh, yeah!   The acceptance rate is phenomenal.  It takes very little time for most birds to recognize it as food.  One customer said she merely had to mimic eating it herself to get one of her birds to try it.  Her other birds had already dived into their bowls.  (See Natural Conversion Methods.)

What sizes are available? Large Parrot (42 oz and 15 lb),  Medium Parrot (28 oz and 15 lb) and Small Parrot (28 oz and 15 lb).    A Mini Bite version for the little guys is not yet available.

Retail stores:   Please refer to our Wyld’s Wingdom website, (password required) for complete information or phone us at 1-800-366-9953.

Exotic Bird and Pet Bird guardians, parents, companions, owners and keepers:   TELL your bird store about this great new product and let us know who we should contact at that store to follow-up.   Email us  at

Launch of Wyld’s Wingdom Blog

Launch of Wyld’s Wingdom Blog

Well, I have d-r-a-g-g-e-d my feet long enough.   It is time to blog.  For those of you who have been to our booth at any of the trade shows or have ever met me, you know how I love to talk “bird.”

Let me be more specific:    Bird Products!   And how Building Your Bird Department To Be Its Own Show Stopper is  Wyld’s Wingdom’s mission!

I believe there are several key elements to a great bird department.  Among them:

Variety, Focus & Knowledge

When these 3 elements are present, bird owners and potential(!) bird owners are excited to visit and purchase products from your store.

OK, now we’re bloggin’.  They say the hardest thing to do is to start.  I am looking forward to talking “bird” with you.

Welcome to my world!          ~ Mary Wyld